Why Scent Marketing Is So Successful

The concept of scent marketing is not new it is just becoming more popular because it works so well. The sense of smell is processed in the part of the brain that also processes memory and emotion. Smell bypasses all cognitive and logical thought processes, so it is instant and powerful. People can be in their sixties and still be reminded of a grandparent when they smell apple pie or homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Marketing Benefits

There are many ways business owners can use scents to increase sales, brand awareness, foot traffic, time spent in the store, and customer experiences. It is important to keep the scent simple and subtle to be effective. Inundating customers with the scent of green tea, pineapple, and daisies will become obnoxious and customers will leave quickly. Try just green tea or just daisies and determine how well it works.

It is the smell of the environment that draws people to certain areas or into specific stores. Garden scents, for example, are ideal for attracting customers to the display of plants, patio furniture, pools, and lawn maintenance equipment at the back of the store. If a section of the grocery store needs a boost in sales, draw the attention of customers with a corresponding scent. Fresh baked bread in the bakery section, grilled steaks in the meat department, and blueberries in the produce section are some ideas.

How to Distribute Aroma

To get the maximum effect from aromatherapy, it is critical to use the purest form of essential and aroma oils. The best way to accomplish this is with a cold-air fragrance diffusing system, such as the Air Stream Single that can distribute scent from one-thousand to seven-thousand square feet. No heat is used so oils do not evaporate. The oils are not diluted so less product is needed. The scent is released as a fine mist which will not adversely affect allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues.

The machine can be connected to the HVAC system or be mounted on the wall. Refurbished machines are offered when available, so be sure to inquire about the possibility. Hundreds of different scents are available for owners to order and decide which ones work best for that business.